UD Logo I am an associate professor of management information systems (MIS) at the University of Delaware. I have been teaching at the University of Delaware since 1999. I teach classes in the MIS minor and major, including Database (MISY330), Systems Analysis & and Design (MISY430), Emerging Technologies (MISY340), and Business Application Development (MISY350). I developed or co-developed all four of these classes, and currently act as the course coordinator for MISY330 and MISY430. I have also taught a number of classes in our graduate program.

I am also the Program Director for the Lerner College's Global Enterprise Technology (GET) program, which focuses on large scale systems, working within global virtual teams, problem-solving, and data modeling and design.

Professional Background

UT Logo Although I spent much of the 1990's in Texas, I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I received my doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin in 1994. Before coming to UD, I taught at Baylor University in Waco, Texas from 1994-99.

Research Interests

I am interested in trust in e-commerce, the use of collaborative technology, and applying latent growth models to understand longitudinal phenomena. My research articles have appeared in IEEE Transactions, Decision Sciences, CAIS, DATA BASE, and Journal of Organizational Behavior. I have also co-authored two books.


I am the associate director of The Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education here at UD. Along with the other members of the Board of Leaders, I conduct educational workshops for problem-based learning, improving student teams, and integrating collaborative technology into the classroom.