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Paul A. Laux

Professor of Finance, University of Delaware


Below are a few specific things that may be of interest. See the links at the left for the main areas of my website.

  • Some current/recent teaching items:

    • Prospective students may wish to know that my teaching plans for the upcoming year are as follow (with web links to the sites for the most recent past versions of the courses):

    • What else about teaching?

      • UD's exchange program with ISCTE Business School - Lisbon is up and running. Two students in Summer 06, one student in summer 07, two students in Spring 08, one student for Spring 09, one student in Spring 10, one student in Spring 11. Interested in this semester abroad? Use the link to learn more.

      • UD's joint PhD program with ISCTE Finance is up and running. Are you an interested Economics PhD student at UD or a Finance Master/PhD student at ISCTE? Please contact me. If you are a Master of Science in Finance student at UD, and this sounds interesting, please contact me also. There is no formal program link with UD MSFinance at this point, but who knows what we might be able to work out.

Some files on this site require Acrobat Reader, and some files may require passwords that you can obtain from me if you are a member of the appropriate group.          

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