MBA Program - Business Consulting Practicum

The University of Delaware MBA program offers a practicum in Business Consulting.  The practicum provides the opportunity for MBA students to gain project experience while providing a valuable service to the business community.  MBA students, typically in the later half of their MBA program, work in teams of two to six people on significant business projects under the guidance of business professors with considerable professional experience.  Student project groups typically dedicate up to 500-1,000 cumulative hours or work to their semester business project.  Business projects may originate from large corporations, non-profit and government agencies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, new ventures, and students themselves.

Appropriate consulting projects may come from any area of business and may support one or more of the concentrations or specializations in the Lerner MBA program, including concentrations in Finance, Information Technology, International Management, Marketing, Museum Leadership and Management, New Venture Creation, or Operations; custom-designed specializations are also available, and Business Consulting projects may support these. Three attributes of an acceptable project are: (1) the problem is one that allows for a significant applied research component dealing with the business or organizational questions at hand; (2) the organization will allow the student group to implement and test their solution if time and resources permit; and (3) the organization will cover the necessary expenses of the project.  The usual fee for a business project is $2,000; nonprofit organizations are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

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